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Specializing in Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment
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We specialize in boiler water, cooling water and wastewater treatment.

RMC-Norkem Corp. is a chemical manufacturer and consulting company specialising in water treatment for close to 20 years. We have extensive experience in new construction, chemical consulting, HVAC water treatment, industrial applications, condo/commercial water treatment as well as traditional chemistry/biochemistry for wastewater treatment. We have CFIA approved products for food plant programs and the ability to custom formulate chemical treatment products for any treatment application anywhere in the world.

Our full service, hands on treatment programs are maintained on an equal monthly basis to ensure budget targets are met and program costs are predictable.

Founded in 1996, Norkem has grown Canada wide, servicing over 400 locations, taking pride in offering aggressive pricing, excellent program performance and top notch service.
We believe our RMC-Norkem Corp. products and services are second to none and will enhance and improve your current operations.

Save money, be environmentally friendly



APS is well suited to property management companies operating multiple locations and to mechanical contractors who incorporate water treatment into their service plans.


et us show you how our Biomin Technology can maximize program performance while minimizing cost!


RMC-NORKEM Corp. has the chemicals, equipment and technical expertise to help our customers best manage their wastewater treatment applications. RMC-NORKEM Corp. embraces new technologies.

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