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Advanced Program Supervision (APS)

APS is well suited to property management companies operating multiple locations and to mechanical contractors who incorporate water treatment into their service plans. Our technicians can provide scheduled onsite technical review, or we can provide offiste sample testing to supplement the onsite personnel. This program has a great degree of flexibility and can be custom tailored to suit the specific requirements of each site:

TYPICAL ADVANCED PROGRAM SERVICES (can be tailored to individual needs):

• We provide you with a hands on full service contract where we physically administer chemicals which are forwarded to the site by us, and performance liability lies with NORKEM.

• All necessary water treatment chemicals for maximum protection and control against corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth. All necessary control charts, record books, operating manuals and test log forms as well as all testing reagents.

• A monthly service visit to site, by a qualified water system consultant to monitor the treatment program with a written or computer generated service report submitted to designated personnel.

• Additional service visits, where conditions warrant it will be conducted at no extra charge.

• Chemicals included are based on normal operating conditions. If abnormal conditions occur NORKEM will advise you.

• Chemical recharge due to unforeseen water losses due to leaks or work done on the system will be extra to the contract.

• Filter changes are included but glycol is not.