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There are three main facets concerning the treatment of steam boilers:

  • Corrosion
  • Scaling or sludging
  • Energy Efficiency






Corrosion – Steam boilers are vulnerable to corrosion from the dissolved oxygen found in water. This is called oxygen pitting corrosion. Left untreated dissolved oxygen will rapidly corrode or “pit” boiler metal surfaces. This leads to tube or coil failure and costly boiler downtime and repairs.

NORKEM’s solid chemical treatments and conventional liquid chemistry are designed to remove dissolved oxygen from the boiler water and protect your valuable assets from corrosion damage.

Another form of corrosion occurs in the post boiler or after boiler areas such as steam and condensate equipment in the system. These systems are also vulnerable to oxygen pitting corrosion as well as acid attack. The acid is a result of a natural process in the production of steam. Carbon dioxide gas is also formed in the boiler and this travels with the steam and dissolves in the condensate forming carbonic acid. This carbonic acid slowly dissolves or corrodes the steam/condensate piping. Compounding this problem the corrosion by products or “rust” will travel back to the boiler and cause fuel robbing deposits inside the boiler.

NORKEM’s treatments are specifically designed to eliminate carbonic acid attack and also remove oxygen from steam/condensate systems thereby protecting your valuable investment in steam and condensate piping and process equipment.

Scaling or Sludging – Steam boilers naturally concentrate the water in them. If there are minerals present they will build up and form deposits or sludge. Deposits in the boiler form an insulating deposit which increases boiler fuel costs. If the deposits continue to form the boiler will eventually suffer from failures and will shut down.

NORKEM’s boiler treatments are designed to prevent harmful deposits from forming on the boiler surfaces. It keeps the deposits in the water so they can be removed with boiler blowdown.

Energy Efficiency- Boilers burn fuel to heat water and generate steam. In order to maximize fuel efficiency, NORKEM’s boiler treatments are designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces in the boiler.

Also NORKEM’s boiler water treatment programs involve the use of automatic boiler blowdown controllers. These controllers ensure that the boiler maximizes the use of the water in the boiler and minimizes the use of water and chemistry.