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Closed Loop Treatment

There are three main facets concerning the treatment of closed recirculating systems (hot water heating, chilled and glycol water systems).

  • Corrosion
  • Biological Control
  • Energy Efficiency





Corrosion – Closed recirculating systems are vulnerable to corrosion. The metals in the system will naturally corrode. This leads to increased costs due to increased heating, reduced cooling, downtime, repairs and eventually failure.

NORKEM’s EnviroSolid solid chemical treatments and conventional liquid chemistry are designed to reduce corrosion and protect your valuable assets.

Biological Control – Algae and bacteria find a perfect place to live in recirculating cooling systems. If they are left uncontrolled they can foul heat exchangers. This results in reduced cooling and increased energy costs. Also the bacterial slime formed prevents water treatment scale and corrosion inhibitor chemistry from protecting system metals. This can lead to accelerated localized corrosion.

NORKEM’s treatments control biological growths and keep heat transfer surfaces clean.

Energy Efficiency – Closed systems use energy to cool or heat water and systems. In order to maximize system performance, NORKEM’s cooling water treatment programs are designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces in the cooling systems.

Clean heat transfer surfaces minimize energy consumption.