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Cooling Towers

There are four main areas of concern for the treatment of cooling towers:

  • Corrosion
  • Scaling
  • Biological Control
  • Energy Efficiency

Corrosion – Cooling towers and systems are vulnerable to corrosion. The metals in the system will naturally corrode. This leads to increased costs due to reduced cooling, downtime, repairs and eventually failure.

NORKEM’s EnviroSolid solid chemical treatments or conventional liquid chemical treatments are designed to reduce corrosion and protect your valuable assets.

Scaling – Cooling towers concentrate the minerals in the water as they evaporate. The minerals will build up and form deposits or sludge. Deposits in the system form an insulating film or scale which reduces cooling capacity and increases energy costs.

NORKEM’s cooling water treatments are designed to prevent harmful deposits from forming. It keeps the deposits in the water so they can be removed with tower blowdown or bleedoff.

Biological Control – Algae and bacteria find a perfect place to live in recirculating cooling systems. If they are left uncontrolled they can foul heat exchangers. This results in reduced cooling and increased energy costs. Also the bacterial slime formed prevents water treatment scale and corrosion inhibitor chemistry from protecting system metals. This can lead to accelerated localized corrosion.

Where there is a pooling of fresh water we can find the presence of Legionella species. Air-conditioning units, cooling towers and water plumbing fixtures are of concern when it comes to NORKEM water treatment programs. Legionella pneumophila has been shown to be a major cause of both pneumonia and an accute self limiting febrile disease called Pontiac Fever. Legionella pneumophila is the most common cause of Legionnaires’ disease. At present, the province of Quebec and the City of Hamilton have implemented minimum treatment standards and minimum testing frequencies for the prevention of Legionella pneumophila. Call NORKEM and make sure you are protected from any potential liability arising from the operation of your water systems.

NORKEM’s treatment programs control biological growths and keep heat transfer surfaces clean.

Energy Efficiency – Cooling systems use electricity to cool water and systems. In order to maximize system performance, NORKEM’s cooling water treatment programs are designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces in the cooling systems. Clean heat transfer surfaces minimize energy consumption.

NORKEM’s cooling water treatment programs involve the use of automatic tower bleed controllers. These controllers ensure that the system maximizes the use of water and minimizes energy and chemistry costs.