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Wastewater Programs


NORKEM Inc. has the chemicals, equipment and technical expertise to help our customers best manage their wastewater treatment

applications. NORKEM embraces new technologies and continuously improves on our products and processes. We review all aspects of your processes, equipment, and chemistries to design a complete wastewater program that will provide improved results and reduce costs.

NORKEM supplies all chemistries for wastewater treatment from commodity chemicals to our custom formulated products that provide improved performance and solve specific customer water treatment problems.


Available Wastewater Chemistries Include:

• Custom Product Formulations

• Inorganic Coagulants and Specialty Coagulant Blends

• Polymers for use as:

– Coagulant Aids

– Flocculants

– Dewatering Aids

• Bentonite based Flocculants and Clarification Aids

• Heavy Metal Precipitants

• Oxidizers and Reducing Agents

• Activated Carbon and other media adsorbents

• Filtration Medias and Filtration Aids

• Membrane Treatment Chemicals

• Process Defoamers

• Sludge Treatments

• Odour Control

• Paint Detack

• Biological Control

• Waste Solidification and Stabilization

• Related chemical application and control equipment.